February 2015 is the beginning of the month of love where everyone celebrates love. ‘Triple Valentines’ of 2015 fall on 14th February 2015 (Valentine’s Day), 5th March 2015 (Chinese Valentine’s Day) and 14th March 2015 (White Valentine’s Day), during this period of ‘Triple Valentines’, ie from 1st February 2015 till 15th March 2015, Actual Day Service is giving away great freebies to all love birds includes FREE PHOTOBOOTH, FREE WEDDING DAY MAKEUP, FREE ALBUM, FREE PHOTO FRAME, INSTANT PACKAGE REBATE and MANY MORE!

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Ended – New Year Promotion 2015 : Actual Wedding Day Package

Happy New Year! The start of a new Chapter with the Title “2015”, a chapter with 365 pages. Let’s start writing your new journey of Love. Actual Day Service is celebrating New Year with all love birds and brides-to-be, the best actual wedding day package is available now. Wedding day Photography, Actual Day Videography, Bridal Makeup, Photobooth, Photobook Printing etc. all available under one roof.


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Ended – Promotion : Actual Day Service – Year End Sale

Actual Day Service offers services like Wedding Day Photography, Wedding Day Cinematography, Wedding Day Makeup, Photobooth and Printing Services, a one stop centre for your actual day, now having Year End Sale, with Free Gift for every Package Signed. Our reasonable price charged is now even more attractive!

1. Actual Day Service – Photography Package (Half Day) – Click Here for Package Details
FREE GIFT : Rebate RM100

2. Actual Day Service – Cinematography Package (Half Day) – Click Here for Package Details
FREE GIFT : Rebate RM100

3. Actual Day Service – Photography and Cinematography Package (Half Day) – Click Here for Package Details
FREE GIFT : Rebate RM300 + Free 20″ Wall Frame (Family Portrait)

4. Actual Day Service – Photography Package (Full Day) – Click Here for Package Details
FREE GIFT : Rebate RM300

5. Actual Day Service – Cinematography Package (Full Day) – Click Here for Package Details
FREE GIFT : Rebate RM300

6. Actual Day Service – Photography and Cinematography Package (Full Day) – Click Here for Package Details
FREE GIFT : Rebate RM500 + Free 12″ Clear Crystal Photo Album

7. Actual Day Service – Premium Photography and Cinematography Package (Full Day) – Click Here for Package Details
FREE GIFT : Rebate RM800 + Free Photobooth (3 Hours, Unlimited Print)

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Terms & Conditions

The Year End Sale (Promotion) is made available to customer subject to these terms and conditions.

1. The Free Gift for customer is only valid for Wedding Package sign up during the promotion period ie. from 1st November 2014 until 31st December 2014.
2. The date and slot for photography and cinematography is subject to the availability of schedule.
3. Every customer is only entitled to ONE free gift.
4. A minimum deposit of 30% shall be paid upfront upon booking for entitlement of free gift.
5. No cancellation or amendment will be entertained for wedding package singed under this promotion.
6. Actual Day Service will not be responsible for any loss or damage of the gifts after handed over to customer.
7. All matters of disputes are subject to the final decision of Actual Day Service.
8. Actual Day Service reserves the right to change or substitute the free gift with the same value at any point of time.
9. Actual Day Service reserves the right, as deem fit, may amend, vary or change these terms and conditions from time to time without prior notice.
10. To the full extent permitted by law, Actual Day Service will not be responsible for and disclaims all liability to any actions, claims, damages, costs, charges and expenses which the customer may suffer, sustain or incur by reason of the customers’ enrollment in this promotion.

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Ended – Promotion : Actual Day Service Mid Year Sale 2014

The best Wedding Package is Now in town by Actual Day Service. This Promotion is available for the whole period of June 2014 – The Mid Year Sale, the most attractive sale for Wedding Package.

For query, please fill up the form below, or email to actualdayservice@gmail.com

Posted by: Wedding Consultant | March 25, 2014

The Keys for a Charming Korean Style Wedding Photography

Korea wedding photography is a worldwide trend, from elegant Korean hair style, and graceful of the wedding gown, to esthetic Korean style wedding photo. The combination of these three is the keys to be charming in Korean style wedding! Actual Day Service presents to you an incomparable Korea style wedding photography, helping you to achieve your dream wedding.

1.      Peaceful
When the couple wanted to hold hands during indoor shooting, the groom must gently hold the fingers over the second knuckle part of bride’s hand. Then the bride’s hand will be place at groom’s shoulder. The interflow between the groom and bride will be stronger; thus creating the most important outcome of the photo showing off peaceful and aesthetic feeling.

2.      Modernization
Every person’s appearance, structure and the proportion is not the same. Nobody is perfect. Korea indoor wedding photography will look for the best angle with perfect poses for every couple in order to get the best picture. To get the best outcome, it is not only dependent on the couple’s poses, but also the choices of backgrounds and others such as editing.

3.      Details
During indoor shooting, when couples are facing each other, with the groom hugs the bride’s waist, the hand should not be seen, as a result of creating the feeling of being loved. Furthermore, the groom should put his hand at bride’s hip. It is important to note that the couple must be standing or sitting upright to prevent hunchback. Hunchback makes couples feel comfortable due to easy posing but the outcome actually shown that they are tired.

For inquiry of Actual Day Service Wedding Package, please fill up the form below:

Posted by: Wedding Consultant | March 23, 2014

The Aesthetic of Korean Style Wedding Photography

In the 80’s, the philosophy to the Korean style wedding photography had become a part of our every lifestyle. Excessive makeup is not as important as before anymore. A fresh feeling became the theme of wedding photography nowadays; there is no reason for deliberately to pose poses that are tough and troublesome, The Korean style wedding hopes for some special personality in their photography to give people a fresh feeling.

Feels like breezing in the wind, Korean aesthetic wedding photography style is very much comfortable and relaxing, this style is becoming a trend in wedding photography. Lifestyle background, a warm surrounding, and the happiness shown in couples’ expressions will be photographer’s focus point; this is also becoming the most important specialty of Korean wedding photography.

The top two of Korea aesthetic wedding photography style:
1.)    Aesthetic traditional wedding photography skill in using lighting;
2.)    Fresh and romantic lifestyle wedding photography.

The element of Korea aesthetic wedding photography style
Korea wedding photographer is expert in indoor shooting, but how to capture a romantic photo in a limited space?
These five elements will help:
1)      Lighting
2)      Flower Petals
3)      Staircase
4)      Mirror
5)      Hugs and Kisses
6)      Color Contrast

Korea style wedding photography includes the elements of sweet, romantic, gorgeous, aristocratic and simple yet elegant. These elements increase the atmosphere in the wedding photograph, it also create happiness, just like the male and female characters in Korean drama.
These elements can be completed with creativity and imagination, movements, color, example:

Element 1: Lighting
Lighting in Korea wedding aesthetic photography is carrying one of the most important elements, Korean photographer use different types of lighting as well as the settings to make different style of surrounding and feeling, this is how an aesthetic photo proceeds.

Element 2: Flower Petals
Flower petals are a very useful tool to create a nice surrounding, it appear in Korea aesthetic style often. The fall of flower petals is the main tool to create a nice Korea style photography. The most important of this type of wedding photography is fast shutter, so that the effect of the photos can illustrate the most natural face and expressions of the couple. Another important thing to note is the amount of flower petals, to prevent the flower petals would block the face and consequently affecting the photo, thus only a small amount of flower petals were used. However, an ample amount of flower petals can be placed around.

Element 3: Mirror
Mirror is often being used as a prop. It is the most suitable tool for shooting bride’s individual photo; mirror used will add a different level of feeling and surrounding. Shot of brides in the mirror can make her feel more elegant. The mirror size is not fixed as long as the design of the mirror is simple because the focus point is at the bride whom will be reflected in the mirror if the mirror design is not too complicated. A big mirror is suitable for a wide angle shooting, but it depends of the poses of the bride; a small mirror is suitable for close up shot, especially the details of makeup. This type of shooting is dependent on the bride’s emotion and expression. This is how an aesthetic Korea wedding photography is done.

Element 4: Kissing
The scene of kissing can be captured at different angle, that’s why when shooting the kissing scene, angle and spark must be controlled properly. Many think that wedding photo is only focus on the bride, 50 percent of the poses of aesthetic Korea wedding photography are taken without the couple looking at the camera. The outcome of the kissing images is so important that the groom can bring out his most charming angle. So, to the bride, please encourage your husband to practice more.

Element 5: Color contrast
Every person has their own feelings on color, some see it as a trend, some see it as a future, some see it as youth and some see it as happiness.

Actual Day Service Wedding Packages Available HERE!

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Ended – Actual Day Service 1Malaysia GP Sale

Actual Day Service, the leading Wedding Photography service provider in Malaysia, now having 1Malaysia Grand Prix Sale. To get the best value for your wedding package, email us at actualdayservice@gmail.com or call +6010 3232 244.

For inquiry, please send to actualdayservice@gmail.com or fill up the form below :

Posted by: Wedding Consultant | September 3, 2013

Ended – Actual Day Service – Pre-Bridal Fair Sale Sept 2013

Something ‘BIG” is happening at Actual Day Service. Pre-Bridal Fair Sale is back!!! Grab the Wedding Package even before the start of wedding fair!!! The offer is ONLY valid from 1st Sept 2013 till 19th Sept 2013. Enroll today to get a voucher from us for FREE UPGRADE, FREE UPSIZE and FREE ADD-ON, send your (Name, Contact Number and Email Address) to actualdayservice@gmail.com.

For more information of Pre-Bridal Fair Sale, you may fill up the form below:

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Ended – August 2013 Mega 56th Merdeka Sale

Actual Day Service would like to thanks all our customers for supportive response during the July 2013 promotion. It was a great deal, thus in order to further the appreciation and to continue the extremity, Actual Day Service, the Leading Wedding Photography in Malaysia, presenting you the Mega 56th Merdeka Sale for the month of August 2013! Grab this opportunity before time runs out!

For more information, please send your query to actualdayservice@gmail.com

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Announcement : Actual Day Service would like to announce at least 20% price increase effective 1st August 2013. In the month of July 2013, before the price hike in all Wedding Packages, Actual Day Service is now having the craziest promotion, in conjunction with 1 Malaysia Mega Sale CarnivalJuly 2013 ONLINE PROMOTION!

What are you waiting for? Enroll now, send your details (Name, Contact Number, Email Address and Wedding Date) to actualdayservice@gmail.com .

For further query, please fill up the contact form below, we will be assisting you in the shortest time possible.

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